African Safari Destinations

Predator filled plains, dense jungles hiding endangered mountain gorillas, famous wildlife migrations and exclusive reserves and camps, each African destination is as unique and diverse as it is alluring.

Africa is often at the forefront of the minds of prospective traveller’s intent on a wildlife focused holiday. Indeed, an African safari is on the bucket list of most wildlife enthusiasts and casuals alike. Propelled to iconic status through endless television documentaries, it is undoubtedly the most famous continent on the planet when it comes to wildlife-based travel experiences. However, the continent is a collection of countries and wildlife sanctuaries within these countries, each providing a unique safari experience.

A safari in one destination may provide a very different experience from that offered even in a neighbouring destination. When considering embarking on a safari it is important to understand what each country offers and whether it is suitable to meet your needs. Uganda is the destination of choice for mountain gorilla and chimpanzee interactions, as well as authentic traditional safari activities. Zimbabwe and Zambia are renowned for the highest quality guiding in Africa, as well as exemplary walking safaris. Botswana is extremely exclusive and prides itself on high quality, low volume tourism. South Africa is excellent for a wide array of travel types including families, corporate groups, honeymooners and couples. The wildebeest migration has put both Kenya and Tanzania on the map but they are also renowned for their sheer wildlife abundance, wide variety of accommodation options and wilderness destinations. Namibia offers true wilderness and specialist wildlife sightings such as the desert-adapted black rhinoceros. The geographic proximity of Zanzibar and the Kenyan Indian Ocean coastline provide a perfect opportunity to combine the African bush with idyllic beaches.

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Premium luxury, exclusivity, exceptional game viewing, and a wide variety of activities is the essence of a Botswana safari.

South Africa

Diverse landscapes, Big 5 safari, marine wildlife experiences, and luxury private game reserves delivered at exceptional value.


Remote wilderness, authenticity, outstanding walking safari, and exceptional guiding epitomise a Zambia wildlife holiday.


Characterised by unrivalled wildlife abundance, remote and rarely visited reserves, family-friendly lodges, and rugged bush and pristine coastlines.


Tanzania has it all, the famous wildebeest migration, Big 5 safaris, chimpanzee trekking, true wilderness and easy access to pristine beaches.

Zanzibar Island

Pristine beaches, luxury accommodation, a melting pot of cultures and an under-water world to rival the world’s best.


Home to some of the best dive sites in the world and possibly the most reliable place on the planet to swim with whale sharks.


Jungles hiding endangered mountain gorillas and animated chimpanzees, tree climbing lions, and very few tourists give Uganda a unique feel.


Wild, untouched, exemplary guiding, world-class canoeing and walking expeditions, Zimbabwe is a truly special safari destination.