Safari for Schools - Ultimate Wildlife AdventuresAn African Safari for Schools

We invite you and your school to join us in Africa for an educative and life-changing wildlife experience.

Having children ourselves and having worked in schools, we are passionate about sharing our work in Africa with your school and students. Given our strong emphasis on conservation we feel it extremely important to expose children to wildlife living in its natural environment from an early age. By creating such wonderful and lasting memories it is hoped this appreciation for the natural world follows children into adulthood and encourages responsible behaviour towards the planet.

We ensure each of our trips designed for schools are educative for your children. You can expect your children to learn about the wildlife they see, the geology of the land, as well as learning about the human cultures encountered.

We design each trip in collaboration with the school to learn what you and the children want out of the experience. In our experience most schools desire a varied and diverse itinerary that includes game reserves with an abundance of wildlife and human interaction with local tribes. We tend to recommend overland safaris rather than fly in safaris as these are logistically much easier to manage for you whilst in destination. Larger lodges are preferable to tented camps due to the safety of the former being much more reliable and the intimacy and size of the latter not being so suitable for children.

We recommend a safari for older children for two reasons. Primarily, safety is of paramount importance to us and of course you, therefore a group of younger children would not be deemed sufficiently safe in the African bush. Secondarily, we feel older children will gain a greater appreciation of their experiences.

We have designed itineraries below that are indicative and suggestive of trips that are suitable for school children. We feel these are fine examples of well-planned safaris for large groups of school children.

Safari for Schools Content 1 - Ultimate Wildlife AdventuresSafari for Schools Content 2 - Ultimate Wildlife AdventuresSafari for Schools Content 3 - Ultimate Wildlife Adventures

Contact us today to discuss how we can design the perfect itinerary for you and your school children.

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School Safari Itineraries

Coming soon. We are working on the final details to bring you the safest and most educational safaris for your school children.

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