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Take a trip back to a time when the great 19th century explorers undertook long expeditions in a quest to reveal the secrets of the dark continent. Follow in their footsteps or navigate the very water channels they negotiated more than a century ago in search of unforgettable wildlife experiences.

Taking an African expedition with Ultimate Wildlife Adventures is the epitome of authenticity. It offers you an opportunity to immerse yourself in your environment and become at one with nature. Whether walking or canoeing you are no longer a spectator but a part of the greatest show on earth. With the locations of such trips being in more remote wildlife reserves you will not be disturbed by the throngs of other tourists. In fact, in some areas there may be just you, your fellow adventurers, your guide, and the wildlife.

A usual trip to Africa involves staying in one or more accommodations and undertaking daily activities before returning to the same accommodation at night. Our expeditions differ in the fact they are a linear journey over several days. Your journey will begin at a predefined location and there will be a definite destination to head towards. You will stop at several locations en route and set up a new camp each night. The camps are small, mobile camps with limited facilities and amenities. You will often be camping close to the river’s edge and wild animals will pass through camp at their discretion. For these reasons we often recommend such expeditions to experienced African safari-goers or very outdoorsy people who are happy to travel with minimal home comforts.

Expeditions predominantly take the form of walking safari or canoeing and often these two exhilarating activities are combined during your journey. The Luangwa Valley reserves of North Luangwa National Park and South Luangwa National Park are exceptional for multi-day walking destinations. Over the border in Zimbabwe is the home to the best canoeing expeditions on the continent in Mana Pools National Park where you can meander all the way down the Zambezi River to Matusadona National Park.

Due to the nature of the activities you are promised exhilarating wildlife experiences. Approaches on large animals such as elephants, buffalos, and lions aren’t unusual. Slow your canoe as you tentatively pass a pod of hippopotamus and huge Nile crocodiles or give way to a herd of elephants crossing from one side of the river to the other.

Being so at one with nature allows you the opportunity to more closely understand the fauna and flora of the area, as well as observe Africa’s micro fauna.

An expedition in Africa is often more suited to experienced and outdoorsy travellers due to the basic accommodations and nature of the activities. If you consider yourself this type of traveller our expeditions promise you possibly one of the best experiences of your life.

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