Classic African Safaris

What is a classic African safari? Our classic safaris are designed for our guests whose needs fall somewhere between the elaborate and luxurious safaris of our Premium Luxury Safaris and the adventurous and more basic nature of our African Explorer Safaris. Our guests in these two categories are relatively easy to build an itinerary for. Respectively, they are looking for the most luxury money can buy or the most adventurous and authentic safari possible.

Our classic safaris fall somewhere between the two. Prices are much kinder on the pocket than those Premium Luxury itineraries but aren't quite as adventurous or 'back-to-basics' as the African Explorer offerings. All our classic safari itineraries are specifically tailor-made to meet your particular wishes.

Each itinerary is designed in the UWA way, upholding our principles throughout. Camps and lodges are chosen based on your desires and selected to offer the best value for money in their class. Destinations are all natural, large ecosystems that offer authenticity. Wildlife abundance and diversity is excellent. Expect to have a wide choice of activities to choose from to offer wildlife viewing from different perspectives. Activities such as walking or canoeing bring you closer to the wildlife, whilst aerial activities such as hot air ballooning or helicopter flights provide an appreciation of the vastness of your surroundings.

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Classic Safari Itineraries

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