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Family holidays are for making memories that will be remembered and spoken of long after the children have left home. Step out of the shadows of the typical family package holiday and treat your children to an experience that will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

A family safari is a truly magical experience. It is an opportunity for the entire family to experience something unique and forge memories that will last and be spoken of for many years to come.

We love the idea of taking children on safari as we believe it enhances their personal development. The countries visited and the nature of the experience enriches their appreciation of wildlife and their understanding of other human cultures and ways of life. It helps them gain perspective of their own lives, in very much the same way as it does adults.

Designing a family safari itinerary that is appropriate and appealing for children of all ages, and indeed the whole family, takes a lot of careful consideration and thoughtful planning. Having children ourselves enables us to understand the complex requirements and logistics required to design you the perfect family safari. Every family safari is different and is very much tailored to your individual desires and requirements. We work tirelessly with you to understand exactly what will work for you and your family so we are able to design and implement a holiday that exceeds your expectations.

Experience and guest feedback informs us a successful family safari must consistently include several components. Safety, although paramount on every safari trip, requires enhanced measures when children feature on a booking. We will also often recommend accommodations that offer child specific activities, such as tracking, bushcraft skills, and making bow and arrows, in between usual safari activities. An itinerary offering a wide range of typical safari activities is also recommended to keep your child engaged.

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