Off The Beaten Track Safaris

Do you consider yourself an adventurous person? Are you looking for an exclusive African safari in untamed Africa? If so, join us and adventure through the untouched lands of real Africa where iconic animals roam in large numbers but humans rarely step foot.

Our African explorer safaris are specifically designed with people like you in mind. As always, we follow our specific company principles when designing your itinerary but realise you are wanting to experience Africa like few others have.  We understand your need for genuine exhilaration in the wildest corners of Africa, exciting activities that bring you closer to the action, authentic African bush camps that are shared with passing elephants and lions and importantly you don't want to see as few fellow travellers as possible. We appreciate you want a true off the beaten track experience by delving into the Africa of old, an untamed and rarely visited wilderness.

A typical African Explorer safari takes you well away from the commercial safari areas with their abundant tourist jeeps and to areas of the continent where tourism remains limited for the fortunate few. Destinations we love for these types of safaris are North Luangwa National Park, Kafue National Park and Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia, Ruaha National Park or Katavi National Park in Tanzania and Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe to provide only several examples. These destinations are remote and wild, have very low visitor numbers, offer exciting activities that enable you to get close to the action and offer accommodation that is authentic and appropriate for this level of adventure.

As the destinations are so remote and little visited, external infrastructure is often poor meaning you will fly in on a small bush plane. Your adventure will begin when you touch down on the dusty airstrip within the boundaries of the national park or game reserve. We choose camps which are rustic in nature but have very high levels of service, cleanliness, all the basic amenities you could ever need and a strong safari guiding team. Camps are usually in very scenic locations, often perched on the side of rivers banks in wildlife rich areas. As camp is kept to a minimal it is not unusual for animals to happily wander through camp by day or night. This is often a highlight of many trip and provides our guests with an appreciation that they are sharing the land with the resident wildlife. Activities are varied as per all our itineraries but lean more towards adventurous activities such as walking and canoeing as these bring guests closer to the action. These types of activities may be done as daily activities out of camp and are often mixed with more traditional game drives by day and after dark. However, there are also possibilities for you to embark on multi-day excursions where you may walk from camp to camp or travel from one destination to another as you canoe down a river and fly camp on the river bank by night. It is not unusual to meet large herds of elephants, a pack of wild dogs or a pride of lions whilst out on your morning stroll. These encounters are truly magical and create memories that will live with you forever.

Obviously, your safety is always our number one priority. These activities are very safe, only undertaken by world-class guides qualified to lead such activities in their chosen destination.

If you have a taste for adventure, are happy to leave your home comforts for a week or so and want to experience the true Africa with few to no other tourists then please take inspiration from some of our sample packages below. We offer fully tailor-made itineraries so please contact us with your ideas and we can make your African adventure come true.

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African Explorer Itineraries

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