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Africa is renowned for its iconic terrestrial wildlife but beyond the surface of its turquoise oceans awaits a world of marine secrets.

The water world of the Indian Ocean offers the African adventurer an extension to a classic African safari. With iconic marine species such as the mighty whale shark, revered great white shark, sting rays and huge manta rays, plus several species of turtles and a myriad of reef fish, the underwater adventure is every bit as enthralling. Join us in this underwater world of mystery and intrigue and truly feel like you’ve escaped to another world.

Africa is the perfect destination to combine bush and reef adventures. The East African nations of Kenya and Tanzania lend themselves well to such a combination due to their geographic proximity and relatively well connected infrastructure.

Tanzania logistically combines perfectly with the Zanzibar Archipelago islands of Zanzibar (Unguja Island), Pemba, and Mafia. The northern reserves of Tarangire National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park link well via Arusha. Dar Es Salaam links the southern reserves of the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park, and the western reserves of Katavi National Park and Mahale Mountains National Park to the archipelago. Mafia Island and Pemba Island are reached by air via Zanzibar Island. Kenya’s coastal destinations of Mombasa, Watamu, Malindi, and Lamu Island are easily accessed by flights from Nairobi and Mombasa and link well to Kenya’s safari circuit.

Further afield the archetypal tropical island destination of Mauritius links to almost all areas of Africa’s safari circuit with some requiring more effort than others. In essence airlines fly direct from the East African hub of Nairobi and the Southern African hub of Johannesburg, as well as Cape Town. Therefore, safari areas in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia must connect via Johannesburg in South Africa, potentially putting off some travellers. Both Uganda and Tanzania connect relatively well via Nairobi, with the journey being less arduous than that of the aforementioned Southern African countries.

Our diving and snorkelling trips are designed to suit the needs of all our clients, varying from simply snorkelling as part of a beach holiday to multi-day diving expeditions. Whatever your needs and desires we have the answers.

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