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Travelling alone to Africa understandably evokes a sense of apprehension. By travelling with Ultimate Wildlife Adventures you will have a companion before, during, and after your trip.

We love the concept of travelling alone and regularly do so ourselves. Travelling by yourself is extremely rewarding and allows you the freedom and flexibility to get the most out of the experience. Clients often contact us to discuss their solo travel plans and we naturally embrace it with encouragement.

However, travelling as an individual does require careful planning to maximise your enjoyment and budget. As with any safari you must decide whether you want to share safari activities with other travellers or whether you would like to do activities with just you and your guide. The latter does however limit the destinations available to you and hikes prices considerably.

Safety concerns are often a query we receive. As with every trip we sell safety is of paramount importance to us. Every destination we recommend is stable at the time of recommendation and we keep up to date with any developments. We tend to recommend a fully inclusive destination management service. With this service you will be collected by your guide at the airport on arrival and will be looked after right up until your international departure flight.

Price is often a significant consideration and occasionally a barrier to being able to travel for some solo travellers due to them being penalised by the notorious single supplement charge. It is common in the travel industry and is designed to in some part protect the profits of accommodation owners. Although we can see their reasons behind this it is still a source of frustration when attempting to plan an individual a safari package to meet their budget. Thankfully, amongst our wide network of high quality and reliable overseas partners are a selection of operators who are sympathetic to the solo traveller. We work with you and them to find options that offer you the same quality of experience at an identical price to those travelling with companions.

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Contact us today so we can work with you and use our expertise to design you a high-quality safari at a fair price.

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Coming soon. We are working hard to deliver the best value solo safaris in Africa.