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Hot Air Balloon Safari

The notion of drifting effortlessly over the African plains, whilst observing wildlife in the seemingly endless wilderness below, has become a dream added to many bucket lists over the years. However, a balloon flight in the wilds of Africa is much more than a tick in a box, it is an experience that will be etched in your memory forever.

Ultimate Wildlife Adventures design itineraries to include this magical experience and make your dream a reality. Rather than a hot air balloon journey being the primary activity of a safari it is built into an itinerary to serve as a special and memorable centrepiece. Your balloon safari starts as soon as a representative from the balloon company collects you before sunrise. The transfer to the launch site should be viewed as a night game drive and an opportunity to observe nocturnal creatures such as Cape porcupine, African civet, common genet, and bat-eared fox, as well as large predators hunting if you are lucky.

Ballooning is a shared activity with like-minded travellers. The number of other participants and balloons in the sky is very much dependent on the location and time of year. As a guide the basket is divided into 8 sections each accommodating 2 persons. The duration of the balloon flight is dependent on the wind speed but an hour is the average duration. You will be further rewarded on your return to terra firma with a champagne breakfast, essentially a delightful full English with all the trimmings, in the middle of the bush.

Unfortunately, and rather surprisingly, the availability of a balloon flight is relatively limited throughout Africa. However, operations have began to spring up in many more reserves in both East and Southern Africa of late. Should your itinerary involve any of the below reserves or parks we would be delighted to include this magnificent activity at your request.

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