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You arrive at camp and immediately realise the exclusivity of your destination, surrounded by vast African wilderness and very few other camps or tourists for miles. You feel you have travelled back in time to a period when large game ruled the land, free of human interference. Game activities are as exhilarating as they are varied. Your personal tracker and guide seem to have every answer to your questions at the tip of their tongues. You are lucky enough to witness a pride of lions with their cubs, just you and nature, the scrambling crowds of the commercial national parks are thankfully absent. Back at camp you marvel at the endless views from your outdoor claw-footed bath. You sit down to a gourmet meal and wonder how such food, usually produced in an urban 5-star restaurant, can be served so far from civilisation. The day ends watching the sun dip beneath the horizon as you sip a cold beverage on the camp's elevated veranda. This is the essence of a Premium Luxury Ultimate Wildlife Adventure.  

A premium luxury safari with Ultimate Wildlife Adventures provides the best level of safari in the world. As a company we have specific guidelines we follow when designing each and every safari, therefore all our safaris are exceptional. However, our premium luxury collection builds on this promise and delivers every component to the highest possible level. You will find almost all safaris in this category are conducted in huge private concessions adjacent to or within large areas of protected land. This allows for exclusivity and authenticity as visitor numbers are strictly limited. Remarkably, some concessions are so large and have so few tourists the mathematics calculate each guest will have an astounding 130km² each on average. That would equate to roughly 1 person having the entire U.S city of Boston, Massachusetts to themsleves!

The protectors of these private concessions have an excellent track record in conservation such as anti-poaching methods. This equates to a large abundance and variety of game and bird species, enhancing your overall safari experience. A wide variety of safari activities are available to choose based on your preferences, from exploring on foot to soaring through the sky in a hot air balloon, or covering large areas on a traditional game drive, to name but a few. Impromptu special touches such as sundowners, breakfast in the bush or al-fresco dining are regularly featured. All activities are lead by world-class guides and trackers who are leaders within their field and are specialised in areas you are interested in. For example, keen birders are able to request a guide who specialises in birding.

Luxury camps offer the perfect mix of authentic African wilderness and 5-star comfort. You will marvel at how effortlessly the camp blends into its surroundings yet the interior has the feel it is straight out of a world-leading interior design magazine. Hanging chandeliers adorn the dining areas, in-room claw-foot baths offer safari from a completely unique perspective and decked areas often with infinity pool soar high over the plains, offering a spectacular vantage point.

We have worked carefully with our African friends to develop ideas that guarantee an unforgettable premium luxury African safari experience.

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