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Although lions remain regular safari sightings their numbers continue to decline forcing the IUCN to list them as vulnerable.

African Safaris- So Much More Than The Big 5?

The so-called African Big 5, the lion, leopard, black rhinoceros, Cape buffalo and African elephant gain all the attention when it comes to an African safari. When we work with first-time safari clients their voices become more and more animated as they explain their excitement at the prospect of coming face to face with these African icons. We understand this, the experience is undeniably breathtaking and should be celebrated as…


When is the Best Time of Year to See The Wildebeest Migration?

The Great Migration or The Wildebeest Migration, as it is more commonly known, is famous amongst wildlife enthusiasts and casuals alike. Documented over the last several decades by television crews and shared with audiences around the world, it truly is one of the great events of the natural world. The wildebeest migration is not a typical back and forth migration. It has no definite beginning or end but is in…