An Unusual and Exciting Experience

We promise to design an itinerary that excites you and leaves you with memories that will live with you forever.

  • We believe immersing you in the experience is the essence of a true adventure.

  • We design all of our trips with a sense of adventure pitched at exactly the right level for each individual or group of guests.

  • All of our itineraries are specifically designed to evoke a sense of wilderness to suit your personal level of comfort.

  • We design itineraries that offer wildlife viewing from a variety of exciting perspectives.

  • Often many of these activities are new life experiences our guests are able to tick off of their bucket lists.

  • Where applicable we encourage night safari for an exhilarating experience and opportunity to observe elusive nocturnal animals.

  • Where park regulations permit, safari off road is a fabulous opportunity to get up close and personal with wildlife and provides an opportunity to see rare behaviour such as animals hunting or mating.

  • Our style is one of adventure and excitement whilst maintaining your personal safety and comfort.