Wildlife Principle - Ultimate Wildlife Adventures

Animals That Live and Plants That Grow In Their Natural Environment

We promise to create truly authentic itineraries that offer you the highest quality experience when observing and interacting with wildlife in their natural environment.

  • We ensure each national park or game reserve we recommend is a natural ecosystem providing you with a truly authentic wildlife experience.

  • We prefer to use large ecosystems wherever appropriate to increase your sense of wilderness and authenticity.

  • Large ecosystems enable wildlife to portray their natural behaviour, allowing you to gain a better understanding of how they interact within their environment.

  • By using our expert knowledge of wildlife behaviour, distribution, and migratory patterns, we are able to design you an exciting itinerary that offers a large abundance and variety of wildlife sightings.

  • We will design your itinerary with annual climate patterns in mind. Therefore, selecting the most appropriate destinations for your chosen time of year to maximise your wildlife viewing experience.

  • Animals and plants are our hosts on every tour we design. Every individual person associated with us will always show respect to wildlife and the environment.